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AJTP (Arany János Talent Support Program)

(The program is named after Arany János, the great 19th century Hungarian journalist, writer and poet)
The secondary school and the dormitory in cooperation perform this special program in order to prepare students for higher education. The course lasts for 5 years. The first year is a preparatory course, the so-called ‘enriching year’ with high-number of foreign language and computer science lessons followed by the traditional secondary education.
The program also offers the students ECDL Certificate, B2 level language exam and driving license.
Pedagogical work continues in the dormitory in the afternoons forming a unit with the morning school activities, therefore being present in the learning sessions from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. is compulsory for the AJTP students.
The most significant elements of the program are the weekends in the dormitory, held monthly. On these occasions students take part in different programs and excursions both within Hungary and abroad.