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About Us

The Pécs Kodály Zoltán Dormitory is a coeducational institution hosting 400 students. The building is located in the city centre close to more secondary schools both with pedestrian approach and good public transport access.
In the building which has three floors and a large flowery hall, the students live in 3 – 4 – 5 and 6-bed rooms. The 15 groups are supervised by 16 colleagues (three men and 13 women teachers) during the day-time, eight teachers do the night shifts, all working under the leadership of the head of the institution and their deputies.
The Arany János Talent Support Program also operates in the institution.
The students study at secondary grammar and secondary vocational schools.
Their family background is very different, so group leaders pay special attention to their individual care and needs.
The teachers are specialized in different subjects, so it is possible to practise with those students who have learning difficulties. We also provide talent support in the framework of wide-variety talent workshops during the school year.
Two of our talent workshops – the Ceramic and the so-called ‘Genie Circle’- collect promising talents who possibly can achieve outstanding results in the field of educational or literacy competitions and enrich the dormitory programs with high-quality exhibitions.