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European Talent Point


The priority area of the institutional work is talent support (recognition, development, tracking) in the focus of which is learning from each other. As a part of a professional network our participating teachers can get opportunity in adaptation that enriches their practical work, contributes to reflective collective thinking and to the talent development, promotes the exchange of professional materials and stimulates the quality development in a way that it respects the independence of the interested parties.

The diversity of the work in the dormitory is presented in the following activities:
– Arany János Talent Support Program is an internationally exemplary model, which aims creating opportunity and developing talent. Our institute has been taking part in this project efficiently for 16 years. All-round and differentiated development of students, personality development and the decrease of cultural and social disadvantages are in its focus. The educational process takes five years. Among its elements are the recognition of secondary school students’ talent factors, disadvantage compensation, knowledge increasing and broadening programmes, weekend programmes, as well as those interactive possibilities that are connected to dormitory life. Preparing student portfolios and project, taking parts in competitions and applications are special elements of our activity.
Our dormitory is a part of the network of Arany János institutions. It is a cooperative partner of Arany János, and Pécs-Baranya Talent Support Council. It takes an active, leading part in the national workshop of dormitories and on talent forums.

– The operation of the reference institution enriches colleagues supporting talented students with visiting lessons, workshops and trainings. The experiences are published in the system of public education. (TÁMOP projects)
– Its mentoring activity is recognised nationwide. A methodological training video was made about the pedagogical work which key area is critical thinking, creativity for developing emotional intelligence, inter- and intrapersonal skills.
– As a partner institution of the University of Pécs it offers opportunity to students to observe and test the talent management related educational activities.
– As an organiser of Professional Days, conferences and workshops the institute provides opportunity for recognising its talent supporting activities.

– Its best practices allow the students to unfold their innate talent by targeted development and practice. The institute has extensive connection with other talent points.

– Being an Eco-dormitory the institute is successful in education on environmental awareness and sustainability and in competitions that are connected to this field as well.

– The institution regularly takes part in applications in talent development successfully (TÁMOP projects)

– A big stress is put on supporting students with outstanding skills which is realized by operating professional workshops (Kredenc media workshop). Students achieve good results in regional national programs and competitions (DUE press festival, exhibitions; Our Europe, 4 for Europe, Gloria Victis, Savaria competitions).

– In the course of our work individualized (student portfolio), planned developmental work is used to discover those areas that are the most suitable for students to participate in the teaching-learning process creatively.